About me

Sophie is a newborn and maternity specialist, family and child fine art photographer.
After graduating in 2007 with a first class honours photography degree, I have further developed my style by gaining valuable creative experience working alongside award-winning photographers.

I am trained in fine-art photography and I have completed specialist newborn training and safety workshops with both UK and US newborn photographers. I am a mother of two, so you can be confident I always have your baby’s comfort and safety as my priority.
I have worked alongside:

  • A widely acclaimed and celebrated international photographer known for his portraits of the rich and famous.
  • An award winning specialist in still life and advertising photography.


To achieve the finest quality photographs and capture the subtlety of light and tone, it is crucial to use the correct equipment and have a thorough understanding of its use.

Professional cameras and lenses 
I use a flagship professional Nikon DSLR camera with a range of Nikon flagship and Sigma lenses to be ready for any photoshoot situation. I capture images in maximum resolution RAW files so that large or small reproductions can be made according to preference.

Full studio lighting 
I have natural light available for the photoshoot as well as a range of external flashes, umbrellas, softboxes and reflectors to ensure that all creative options are available.

To compliment the lighting and for a completely professional look, flat backdrops remove the background and help focus attention. I offer a range of backdrops depending on the photograph and/or your choice.

Props and creative photography
I have a range of natural props, hats, wraps and tiebacks available for the photoshoot and you are also welcome to bring along your own.